DTC Founders Token | GOLD

DTC Founder Tokens

Exclusive Perks

Limited edition DTC release in only 1995 coins will ever exist.


DTC Founder Tokens – Onyx, Gold, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire & the Glitch

• Series release Founders Exclusive Perks

Exclusive invite to Discord rank and channel

• Lifetime VIP Membership. 3D founders token for your DTC swagspot

• One core pack will be given to each founder token holder which includes 5 DTC at random selection of character or image.

• Free listings on DigitalTradingCards.com

• Free Access and 1 invite to Community

• DTC Marketplace Advanced Access


DTC founders token glitch

DTC Founder Tokens


A rare authentic DTC release of only 10 coins that will ever exist!

DTC Founders Token | GLITCH

DTC token coin

Become A Founder

• Founders Tokens are minted and stored on the blockchain.

• Founders Tokens are Ethereum NFTs and can be traded in secondary markets in the future.

• Only 1995 DTC Founder Tokens will ever exist.

DTC Founders Token | ONYX

DTC Founders Token | RUBY

DTC Founders Token | SAPPHIRE

DTC Founders Token | EMERALD


Turn any creation into a digital asset…

Be a part of the blockchain digital trading card and collectible marketplace.